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Restricted Funds

The Cherry Street Corridor fund is a complete mystery to the current and previous board. We have checked with past longtime Treasurer Suzanne Heidema and long time past President Thurston Muskelly but neither are aware of this fund or how it came about. We appeal to the reading public to tell us the background of this fund or we will have to vote to move it elsewhere.

The next fund is for Flo Ware Park. The now defunct Diversity Committee had voted to have an annual celebration of the anniversary of the Park, which was renovated more than a decade ago. The celebration was planned for May to coincide with Flo Ware’s birthday, but it has since moved to June for better weather and avoiding conflicts with Mother’s Day and Madrona’s Mayfair celebration. The dollars in this fund are remnants of a grant from years past. This celebration is primarily for children with appropriate activities.

The Friends of Street Ends (FOSE) maintains a small fund, primarily from individual donations. Most of the work for this group is by volunteers, and they have not had any regular maintenance expenses.

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