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About Leschi Community Council

Discover the Leschi Community Council, committed for over 50 years to enriching the vibrant life of our beloved neighborhood.


Making Leschi a great place to live and visit

Community Events

Join us for annual community-wide events, including the ArtWalk in September, Candidate Forum in October, and Winter Gathering in December.

Preserving Green Spaces

Leschi boasts an abundance of parks and we actively contribute to their upkeep. We champion the development of parks and maintain Leschi’s scenic public stairways.

Fiscal Support & Advocacy

As the fiscal agent for grants within Leschi, we hold non-profit status and insurance, ensuring the success of community events and initiatives.

The Leschi News

Stay informed with The Leschi News, published 10 times a year. It's a community effort with volunteers driving content and subscribers and ads covering printing and mailing costs.

All-Volunteer Board

Our board and committee chairs are all volunteers. Executive board members are elected every two years. We have a range of backgrounds, but the one thing we have in common is a belief in the importance of community. We welcome you to join us!

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Community News, Delivered

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Monthly Meetings

Join us on the first Wednesday of the month (we skip July/Aug) for engaging discussions, speakers, and community-focused tasks. The Executive Board convenes on the second Tuesday monthly to keep community initiatives moving and make key decisions.

Get Involved

Elections are held biennially in May, announced in the preceding newsletters. Committee chairs, appointed by the President, play a crucial role, with diverse committees addressing ongoing and short-term tasks.

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LCC Board Meeting (July)
LCC Board Meeting (July)
Jul 09, 2024, 6:00 PM
Can you make it?
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LCC Legacy: Shaping Leschi for Over Half a Century

Since its inception in late 1958, the Leschi Community Council (LCC) has been a driving force for positive change, uniting citizens to address pressing concerns about housing, schools, playgrounds, and public safety. Founded as the Leschi Improvement Council, our early focus was on the general improvement of the Leschi neighborhood and participation in Seattle's Urban Renewal Program.

Founding Achievements: Advocacy and Transformation

Under the leadership of Powell Barnett, the first president, the LCC quickly became an influential lobbying group. Early victories included substantial improvements at Leschi Elementary School, the establishment of a playground, gymnasium, and combined lunchroom/auditorium. New traffic lights along key thoroughfares, then known as Empire Way, Yesler, and Jackson, enhanced safety and accessibility.

Breaking Barriers and Expanding Parks

The LCC actively worked for the designation of the Garfield High School track area as Powell Barnett Park. Peppi Braxton Playground, named in honor of a beloved first-grader, expanded the community's recreational spaces.

Adapting to Change: Challenges and Triumphs

While some wishes took time to materialize, the LCC continued its mission with dedication. Proposals for a community center faced challenges, but the Central Area Senior Center stepped in, acting as a community hub. Ongoing support for parks, renovations in Flo Ware Park, Powell Barnett Park, and the creation of the Leschi Natural Area showcase our commitment to preserving and expanding green spaces.

Community Engagement and Education

The LCC's impact extends beyond physical spaces. We supported the creation of an after-school instrumental music tutoring program at Leschi Elementary, expanding to four Central Area schools. The annual rummage sale proceeds contribute to music and environmental programs. In 2009, Leschi Park celebrated its centenary, and collaborations with the Leschi Business Association brought successful annual events like the Arts & Crafts fair and Art Walk.

Current Initiatives: Advocacy and Involvement

Today, the LCC remains a dynamic force, advocating for the Route 27 bus, supporting Leschi Elementary School, volunteering as tutors, and maintaining relationships with the Central Area Senior Center. Our monthly programs, community cleanups, and partnerships with precinct police foster a sense of connection and safety.

Preserving Leschi's Essence: Commitment to Green Spaces

Our commitment to preserving and expanding green spaces is evident in ongoing activities. From the maintenance of String Of Pearls Streetend Shoreline Parks to the Leschi Natural Area, Frink Park, and Peppi's Trail, the LCC ensures the vibrancy of our natural surroundings.

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