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Get Involved with the LCC

Joining the Leschi Community Council is more than a choice; it's an invitation to shape and strengthen our vibrant community. If you are a Leschi resident, we encourage you to get involved!

Committee Involvement and General Support

Take your involvement to the next level

Committee Participation

Work with existing committees or start a new one to champion a cause you're passionate about. Band together with like-minded residents.

General Support

Assist the Board with your skills, whether it's writing, editing, communications, marketing, or even accounting. 

Explore Opportunities

Interested in other ways to get involved? Reach out to us or talk to our board and committee members during our monthly community meetings.


Join Our Community Circle

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Become a supporting member

Become a supporting member or make a donation to support the Leschi Community Council

Supporting Membership

Supporting members can vote on council resolutions, elect board members, and will receive an annual subscription of 10 issues of the Leschi News. 


We are a non-profit organization, and your donations contribute to our community efforts. Make a small donation through our website.

Community Engagement Starts with You

We believe a healthy community doesn't just happen – we create it together. Residents caring, getting involved, and giving back make Leschi thrive. Your time, skills, and passion can make a difference, and there are various ways to contribute:

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Attend Community Meetings

Meet your neighbors and be part of the conversation. Our monthly meetings provide a platform for community engagement.

Volunteer Opportunities

If your employer supports volunteer days or you have a few hours to spare, participate in park cleanup efforts or join a committee. Every little contribution adds up!


Support Leschi News Distribution

Have a car and a spare hour a month? Help distribute Leschi News by picking up copies or labeling them for distribution.

Technical or Communications Skills Wanted

Explore opportunities to contribute by improving our website,  assisting in email communications, or posting announcements in our kiosk.


Join the Voice of Leschi: Become a Community Council Member Today!

Contribute to positive change, connect with neighbors, and shape the future of Leschi. Your voice matters—join us now!

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