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LCC annual event: Flo Ware Day

What better reason to celebrate than the renovation of a blighted urban corner into a safe and modern playground for neighborhood children? Every May we celebrate the small park at the corner of 28th and Jackson. We celebrate both the park’s namesake, Floresina Ware, and the renovation of the park in 2004.

Flo Ware was a resident of the area and a community activist. She helped to improve the schools in the Central Area, she brought the Meals on Wheels program to the city’s senior residents, she raised numerous foster children and her philosophy was that of community and diversity. She urged folks to come together to make a better life for all.

The city originally named this small park for Flo Ware in 1982, but by the early 2000’s, the park was in a state of disrepair and was mostly a gathering place for young gang members. The Leschi Community Council, under the guidance of President Thurston Muskelly, undertook a major renovation. $500,000 was raised and volunteers put in extensive sweat equity to create a park with modern, safe playground equipment, a half basketball court and small chess tables.

Now on sunny days, one sees mothers with young children using the swings and young boys practicing hoop shots.

Our annual celebration includes a potluck and entertainment. The East Precinct has participated in many years and our local officers take over the grilling of the hot dogs and hot links.

Watch the events on our website for the date of this event each year!

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