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Wine Trick or Treat

Hello Leschi—welcome to October! In my head, this is best said in the legendary voice of Lou Gellermann, the longtime iconic welcoming voice of Husky Stadium at the University of Washington: “Hello Dawg fans, welcome to Husky Stadium!” That voice (and accompanying siren) was planted in my head from the time I was little and stayed with me through my time as a student and now decades long (yes, plural) alum. Hearing the roar of the crowd on Saturday afternoons while playing at my grandparent’s house is also something I’ll never forget. Funny how a phrase, or statement can just take you back like that in an instant.

Well, time to get back on track—Fall is in the air, October is here and there is a spooky holiday at the of the month. The last few Octobers we’ve explored “Trick or Treat?” in terms of wine, and I thought it would be fun and appropriate to explore this topic again, albeit in a formal, organized fashion as you would expect.

One ground rule clarification: there actually aren’t any tricks, only treats!

So, let’s dive into the goodies:


If you have yet to experience the pure joy of Domaine Ott…well, I’m not sure what you are waiting for. These pinks set the bar extremely high for all its kind. Spoil yourself—you deserve it and you can thank us later. I realize these are not every day priced rosé, but they are both well worth it. Pairs well with Thanksgiving, if you need the excuse, or also, depending on availability, there might be some by Ott still hanging around for $25, just ask. You really oughta!