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“Water is Life”

Seattle Art Museum 1300 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98101; 206.654.3100 Hours: 10am–5pm, Wednesday–Sunday

“Our Blue Planet: Global Visions of Water” runs from March 18–May 30, 2022. Free admission April 7 for First Thursday.

“Hammerhead,” 2020.
“Hammerhead,” 2020. Ghost net, rope, twine over steel frame. Racy Oui-Pitt, Nancy Naawl, Lavinia Ketchell, Florence Gutchen, Emma Gela, Ellarosse Savage, Jimmy K, Thaiday, Jimmy John Thaiday (ErubCollective), and Lynnette Griffiths; Collection of Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi.

During the pandemic, three curators at the Seattle Art Museum, working remotely, created “Our Blue Planet: Global Visions of Water,” an intense exhibition drawn entirely from the museum’s own collections and local collectors.