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Updates from Leschi Elementary

Leschi Elementary students began classes on September 4 following the remote learning model. In these challenging times, we are doing our best to welcome new families, foster connections between students and teachers and among families, and focus on the need for equitable education for all students. Our PTA continues to work with the school’s family support team to provide food, rent, and utility assistance for families in need as the covid-19 economic crisis continues. We welcome donations and would like to thank our community partners, including Bluwater Bistro, Meet the Moon, Leschi Community Council and Leschi Market, for their unwavering support.

We wish the very best to Principal Lisa Moland, who has been and will always remain an important part of our school community. A group of parents, staff and community members continues their advocacy to demand transparency and accountability from SPS following Ms. Moland’s dismissal last spring, especially in light of standing policies on racial equity and family engagement.

At the same time, we welcome the new members of our school’s leadership team, all of whom have been working very hard in these extraordinary times to connect with families and give every Leschi student access to a high-quality education.

Principal: Stephen Liu

I am excited to introduce myself as the new principal of Leschi Elementary and I am honored to join the work that Leschi is doing to support each and every student as they learn and grow. As a resident of the Central District, I am proud of our neighborhood and community members, and I am committed to working and collaborating with you to create a positive impact on students, families, and staff. Leschi Elementary has a rich school history and I know that, together, we will continue to build on the important work of the school and to make improvements to better serve our students, especially those furthest from educational justice.