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The 2022 Leschi Elementary Giving Garland Results

Supporting people in our community... Thank you for another year of generosity and support!

The Leschi Elementary Giving Garland, a charitable program, is in its 13th year of supporting families in need of help during the winter months and holidays. On behalf of the families who received help, we extend a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who gave so generously and willingly!

This year the Giving Garland supported over 60 families with more than 120 children, celebrating the holidays with toys, bikes, books, games, clothing, bedding, diapers, car seats, groceries, warm winter outerwear and more. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our school, greater Leschi and surrounding neighborhood communities, we were able to distribute more than $12,000 in gift cards for specific gifts, groceries, and clothing as well as approximately 700 gifts! THANK YOU!!!!

Your generosity made a huge difference in so many lives…

“Thank you so much—S is going to be so happy when he sees and gets to use his bike! Wishing everyone who helped us a very happy holiday.”

“Thank you, guys, so much. We are truly thankful for all the help, you can’t really know how much it means.”

“He never gets jackets that fit—my [teenage] son will be so happy, we appreciate you more than I can say.”

A special thank you for making it all come together to Katie Busby, Jennifer Marquardt, the Broadmoor Golf Club (Thomas Kollasch, Sheri Henderson and Lou Peterson), Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, the Leschi Community Council, the Hotes Foundation, generous anonymous donors, and all of the GG volunteers.


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