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The 13th Annual Giving Garland at Leschi Elementary—It's Not Too Late!

The Giving Garland is geared towards the children, providing families with support during the winter holidays in gift cards and gifts…some items are fun: toys, bikes, art supplies, board games, balls, books and some are basics: clothing, bedding, warm coats or diapers. And every family receives gift cards to easily accessible grocery stores. In 2021 we distributed nearly $13,000 in gift cards for groceries, clothing and specific gifts and approximately 900 gifts! Over the last 12 years, the Giving Garland has supported over 1,800 children and their families during the winter holidays. It is made possible by the Leschi school and neighborhood communities, sponsored by the Leschi PTA.


  • Donate Gift Cards for the most frequently requested stores:

  • Safeway, Grocery Outlet, Costco, Target, Ross Dress for Less, Old Navy

  • “Cash” donations for gifts and gift cards to be purchased:

  • Go to the Leschi School website to see WISH LISTS for individual gift items at:

  • (a local toy store!) and


For more information, contact Katie Busby (phone: 206.251.3411, email:, Jennifer Marquardt (phone: 206.423.2781, email: or check the Leschi School website.


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