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Steve Shulman Memorial Meeting


John Barber Chuck Nordhoff

Tracy Bier Jeannie O’Brien

Kenny Carlson Lee Olch

Mary Charles Linda Spain

Simon Newton Robert Stanley

Tom Nielsen

The meeting was opened by John Barber at 7p.m., followed by introductions.

Leschi Park Picnic Shelter

A memo dated April 19, 2021 from Shwu-jen Hwang was sent to Yousef Shulman, Paul Wilcox and Ken Benner was passed out to attendees. Shwu-jen Hwang is the Senior. Landscape Architect, Seattle Parks & Recreation Department. The memo referenced a follow-up to a March 22, 2021 meeting with Yousef, Paul and Ken regarding a possible picnic shelter honoring the memory of Steve Shulman in Leschi Park, to be located near the marina, south of the parking lot on the east side of Lakeside Avenue. John confirmed that the City is still receptive to this project.