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Recording of the 6/27 District 3 Candidate Forum

It was a packed house for the District 3 Candidate Forum on Wednesday, June 27th! Please see below for a recording of the session, and below that is an update from the Squire Park Facebook page, who facilitated the recording. We hope this is a helpful resource and encourage everyone to vote in the primary.

Here is a link to the recording on YouTube. As they note in their recap below, they learned too late that the moderator was not close enough to the microphone, so please refer to the question list below to support following along.

From the Squire Park Council Facebook page:

There were no empty seats, and it was fun. Live stream or the Seattle City Council D3 Candidate Forum. Lesson learned the moderator should always be near the microphone, which in this case was on the camera. Akilah kept things moving and knew when to lighten it up a bit. In the interest of time and being able to combine some prepared questions with audience submittals, she skipped a few. I am sorry that she is not clear on the video. I am posting the first prepared questions in case you have not been able to understand her. Question 1: Introduce yourself and tell us why we should vote for you. Question 2: How would you describe the city’s current community involvement process? How would your vision differ? How would it be similar? Question 3: The mayor and a coalition of health leaders recently announced initiatives to deal with youth mental health issues. What is your vision and strategy for accomplishing the goals of the initiatives?

Question 4 What are your thoughts on the proposed First Avenue streetcar?

Question 5: What steps would you take to preserve our existing tree canopy on private and public land and address inequitable heat islands in Seattle.

Question 6: There is an us vs them relationship between pedestrians, cyclists and cars. What do you think can be done to change this dynamic?

Question 7: How do we reduce our dependence on regressive sales and property taxes?

Question 9: What policies would you support to retain and attract families, including black and brown families, to the Central District? Question 11: The Council voted not to give the City Attorney authority to prosecute possession and public drug use. How would you have voted and why?


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