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4/5 Public Safety Committee Meeting

Wednesday April 5th, 2023

Approximately 19 attendees


  • Introductions

  • Background on EastPAC (East Precinct Advisory Council)

  • Planning a May community meeting to share research findings in partnership with Seattle U

  • Identifying Leschi's safety challenges

  • Prioritizing our list

  • Brainstorm potential solutions and support we want to ask for

  • Next steps: Meeting cadence, communications

Meeting summary: We had about 19 people in attendance. We appreciated everyone providing thoughtful feedback throughout the meeting. We identified initial areas of focus to establish good community engagement to support public safety. As we build momentum, we will work through additional issues and continue to add new concerns. We plan to hold a committee meeting via Zoom in early May (after the May community meeting).

Our initial priorities: (for details see notes in the Brainstorm section)

  • To start to address concerns about pedestrian safety, speeding and reckless driving throughout Leschi, we will gather questions and prepare for the May community meeting, which will have Greg Spotts, Director of the Dept of Transportation as the guest speaker.

  • Ensure good neighborhood participation in this year’s Night Out event. Will form sub-committee to organize and get the word out.

  • Reestablish Leschi's relationship with EastPAC.

Brainstorm: Leschi public safety concerns

Disaster Preparedness:

  • Establish an emergency hub