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Protests and Art Exhibitions

I looked back at my column from last fall, and it was full of protests and occupations, smoke and covid. What do we have now? More of the same!

I want to first call attention to what is happening in Minnesota. The Canadian Mega Corporation Enbridge Line 3 plans to complete the route carrying Canadian tar sands oil from Alberta to Chicago through fragile native lands. Not quite as famous as the Standing Rock protest, but equally important to resist, many tribal groups and their allies called the Water Resisters have been fighting it for years in court and on the ground. This summer hundreds are being arrested and assaulted by the police in Northern Minnesota. Winona LaDuke’s riveting book To Be a Water Protector, The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers (Fernwood Publishing) gives us the history of resistance to Line 3 as well as Standing Rock. The Wiindigoo are the capitalist exploiters.

Winona LaDuke, To Be a Water Protector, The Rise of the Wiindigoo Slayers, Fernwood Publishing 2020. Cover.