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Pablo y Pablo

120 Lakeside Ave. Hours: Mon- Thurs 11-8; Fri 11-9; Sat. 9-9; Sun. 9-8

Meet Alejandro Martinez, the new general manager of Pablo y Pablo. And where is that you might ask? It’s residing in the same spot where Meet the Moon was once! Asked about the change in concept, Alejandro said the former menu was a bit of everything. It was hard to put a label on it. The tacos were popular and there is no Mexican restaurant close to Leschi, so it made sense to introduce Pablo y Pablo to our community.

Alejandro was born and raised in Cancun and attended culinary school in Mexico City. Beyond his classes, Alejandro learned much from his abuela (grandmother) who taught him that food is an act of love. One shows their love to others through food and the serving of food. Her specialty was a spiced ham which she served for important holidays. He is trying to duplicate that dish, but it is not quite the same and he continues to tweak.

Alejandro moved to the United States in 2018 and came right to Seattle. He began as many do washing dishes, then line cook and on up the career path. He has worked in Human Resources and accounting as well as everything to do with food. He is well suited to become a general manager with an understanding of all the positions and his own personal philosophy that serving food is a team effort and making it work seamlessly is what makes a meaningful experience for the visiting diner.

Alejandro meets with his team 3 times a week to ensure this flawless performance on everyone’s part. One problem of the moment is no sign; banners are obscured by the overhangs on the building. But be assured, Pablo y Pablo is open and waiting to serve you. Don’t miss the warm crispy chips and salsa seasoned for your taste buds: mild or spicy. Tacos are served with a side of your choice; the rice and beans are not your usual; pinto and black beans are not mashed and refried and the rice is in a flavorful sauce. And if you have room, top it off with a crème brulee for dessert. Pablo has a full bar as did the waning Moon and they still have the favorite avocado toast on the menu!

~Diane Snell


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