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October 2021: Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Trevor Lalish-Menagh, Matthias Linnenkamp, John Barber, Ashley Martin, Janet Oliver, Diane Snell

Absent: Janice, Tracy and Lawrence

November Leschi Newsletter

Submit article to Diane Snell by October 18, 2021

Send September LCC Board meeting notes to Diane S.

LCC cover will feature Emergency Program. Diane needs a paragraph from November presenters, Lawrence and Tracy, on the Emergency Preparedness Hub project

Trevor will submit November’s President’s Article while Janice is away

Holiday Leschi Newsletter

Past few newsletter editorials have been “dark.” Diane would like December’s edition to be upbeat/ positive articles. Please send suggestions to Diane S


Will ask Rachelle if she could update LCC website. Diane stated we may need to increase Rachel’s fee by $50 since website update was not part of the position responsibilities

Would like to keep Emergency Hub project as an ongoing topic.

Janet states digital newsletter is something LCC may want to consider. We would still have physical printing, but we could reduce the number of