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May Meeting: Election of Officers & Comp Plan

At the time of publication, the Leschi News has learned of four candidates for Board member positions, but there is still an opportunity to nominate yourself or someone else at the meeting.

Ashley Martin has stepped forward as a candidate for President. She has been our Communications Chair for the past few years and has made significant changes to improve communication on the website and a monthly email reminder of events.

Allen Urness is running for Vice-President. He has lived in Leschi for one year along Lakeside Ave and is well aware of the traffic issues there. He has passionately jumped into Public Safety issues and attends all the community meetings that fall into that category.

Trevor Lalish-Menagh has been our Vice-President for the past 5 years, graciously serving another year past the two terms when the state asked that elections be held in even years. Trevor has been the emcee for many of our candidate meetings. He has stepped up to be secretary.

Matthias Linnenkamp would like to serve another term as our Treasurer. He has made changes to streamline the reporting process and developed a procedure for our Restricted Fund policy.

After the election process (all paid members are eligible to vote), we welcome Katie Sheehy from the Office of Planning and Development to talk about the city’s new Comprehensive Plan. If you have any questions, please send them to


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