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Love is in the Air: Release of "Steve's Legacy Red" to Benefit Three Local Charities

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Residents from all of our surrounding neighborhoods, from Leschi to Madrona, Madison Park to Seward Park and beyond, know that Steve Shulman, longtime Leschi Market owner and beloved community leader, was one of the first to pass away from the effects of COVID-19 in March of 2020. In January, Leschi Market and Shulman Estate Wines released Steve's Legacy Red, a big and bold Walla Walla wine to honor Steve and continue his many charitable contributions throughout our community.

A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold will be donated by Leschi Market to three charitable community organizations advancing causes that were near and dear to Steve's heart. $10 per bottle sold will be shared among Jewish Family Service of Seattle (Supportive Living Services Program), Rainier Valley Food Bank, and the Southeast Seattle Senior Center.

The project has been in the works for more than a year, with many members in the community helping in various aspects. There was the formation of the Shulman Estate Advisory Council, a collection of some of Steve’s best friends, both personally and professionally throughout his life. The group – close to twenty in all – met over zoom a handful of times, we talked, obviously, a lot about Steve, and his beliefs, causes and outlook. In the end, we whittled down to the 3 charities and causes mentioned above, to be the first, initial partners and beneficiaries of Steve’s Legacy Project.

The wine, a Walla Walla Valley blend consisting of more or less equal parts Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Merlot, retails for $39.99. There are 100 cases available for this vintage, and it is expected to sell very quickly. Each grape brings their A-game to the party. The Petit Verdot brings the structure, backbone and tannin, while the Malbec offers that brilliant Malbec-deep purple color with the Merlot showcasing the dark brooding fruits you’ve come to expect from Walla Walla grapes.

The label is one of my personal favorites from the entire line of Leschi wines. The actual picture of Steve, in the middle of the wine aisle he created 25 years ago with a welcoming smile on his face. The photo was taken for a feature story on Leschi Market turning 70 years old in 2018. The morse code at the top pays homage to Steve’s father, Leonard Shulman, and his time as a railroad telegrapher. The series of dots and dashes “… -- … / - -… .- ” translates to “SMS / LBA,” the first being Steve’s initials, and the latter standing for “Loved By All.” The back label took quite an emotional toll to write, but the end result is beautiful and would make Steve proud. As many of his closest friends and family would tell you, he didn’t seek, or frankly even like the recognition or attention, even though it is more than well deserved.

Legacy: a gift, handed down from the past for future generations' benefit. Steve Shulman was our gift. He was known to us all as a friend, neighbor, uncle, boss, business owner, community leader and papa to his pups, and cherished for his generosity, good deeds and commitment to our community. This wine will help ensure that Steve's legacy lives on. Enjoy this wine knowing that you are continuing Steve's legacy.

Thank you all for your kind words and support over the last two years. May we all continue to build community together.

~Kenneth Benner

Kenneth Benner, a Seattle area native, is a trained chef and has worked in such restaurants as Barbacoa, B.O.K.A. Kitchen + Bar, and Dahlia Lounge. Ken is the wine buyer at Leschi Market. He has a passion for learning, a meticulous palate, and a tenacity for searching out the best for his customers while offering some of the most highly coveted wines in the area. His monthly column is intended to inspire and explore new choices in wine, learn about wine with his readers, and share his knowledge and experience in the wine world. Check out the latest at or to request to be added to email updates at


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