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Letter to Parks Re: Pier

Photo credit: Liz Dunn

At our November Board meeting, John Barber’s letter to Parks was approved. He expresses concern about the proposed new pier.

November 20, 2023

Superintendent A.P. Diaz

Department of Parks and Recreation

City of Seattle


RE: Yesler (Leschi) Public Pier

Dear Superintendent Diaz,

The Leschi Community Council is concerned with the plan for replacing the Yesler Pier. The plan limits public access while changing the primary function of the Pier from public access use to power boat use.

The Pier currently provides a public facility that is 47’ wide with wood surfacing (decking). It is used throughout the year as a place to gather and enjoy the views available from an over-the-water location and is especially heavily used by youth to socialize and sunbathe on summer weekends.

The new design is only 16’ wide with steel grates. Is there a more user-friendly alternative? Shoes can get caught in grates. The lower floating dock attached to the Pier is used as a launching and landing platform for canoes and kayaks and, as we recall, under a grant from the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program which requires permanence of function. The permission process appears to be ongoing and not yet finalized.

We understand that a primary purpose of the Shoreline Management Act is to increase not decrease the public’s access to state waterways. Access to the water’s edge is a strong neighborhood value for us, as we demonstrated with the String of Pearls shoreline street ends.

We request revision of the proposed plans for more inclusive public access like what currently exists. Please advise us of how we can best contribute to the community input process.


Janice Merrill Brown, President (206) 679-4004

LCC Community Council

Cc: Mayor Bruce Harrell, City Council of City of Seattle Members

The Leschi CC Board would like to know the community thoughts on this issue; send your comments to

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