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Leschi Elementary Dec 2023 events


Taste of Leschi, our school's annual celebration of our many diverse cultures and traditions, will be on Wednesday, December 6 and all are welcome. Families are invited to bring a dish of cultural significance for a community potluck, and there will be an open mic for students or family members to share cultural attire, music, or other items of note.

14th ANNUAL GIVING GARLAND The Giving Garland is geared towards the children, providing families with support during the winter holidays in gift cards and gifts… HOW CAN YOU HELP THIS YEAR? Buy a gift from the Amazon wish list, purchase grocery cards or gift cards for a teen who wants to shop for themselves, and more!

Please go to for specific actions you can take to support Leschi Bullpup students and their families. The Giving Garland support comes in different forms…some items are fun: toys, bikes, art supplies, board games, balls, books and some are basics: clothing, bedding, warm coats or diapers. And every family receives gift cards for easily accessible grocery stores. In 2022 we distributed nearly $12,000 in gift cards for groceries, clothing and specific gifts and approximately 700 gifts! Over the last 13 years, the Giving Garland has supported nearly 2,000 children and their families during the winter holidays. It is made possible by the Leschi school and neighborhood communities, and sponsored by the Leschi PTA.


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