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LCC Public Safety Update

As the Public Safety Committee is in its early stages, we will be spending the next couple of months developing our plan for the Leschi community and seeking volunteers to assist us. The committee will focus on three main areas: Traffic Calming, Personal and Property Crime Safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Below, you can learn more about each area and our initial plans. We aim for this effort to benefit the entire Leschi community, and we invite you to get involved. Some community members have already joined in, and if you want to help shape and support this initiative, please let us know.

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming involves various measures to reduce vehicle speed and volume on roads, making them safer and more pedestrian-friendly. Our initial focus has been discussions with the city regarding options to slow traffic along Lake Washington Blvd, but there is more work ahead.

Personal and Property Crime Safety

There are many ways to improve safety, such as partnering with community police liaisons for home safety reviews and participating in neighborhood block watches. One way to get involved is by participating in Night Out ( on the 1st Tuesday in August, which raises crime prevention awareness and unites communities. We will explore training and resources to support our community and collaborate with partners to share information.

Emergency Preparedness

Community emergency preparedness involves planning, responding to, and recovering from emergencies and disasters. We will begin by focusing on individual and family preparedness and gradually expand to the entire community. I am reaching out to neighboring communities to learn from their experiences and successes.

If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please email me at and I will follow up in the coming weeks as we establish the committee.


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