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Community meeting: Shulman Memorial

Our community was deeply saddened when long-time community member, Steve Shulman, passed away in March 2020. Former mayor Jenny Durkin captured his spirit well when she remembered him as the "heartbeat of Leschi." The Shulman family, friends of the family and the community have been coming together to discuss a memorial in Leschi Park to honor Steve and his role in our community.

We invite all community members to join the next memorial planning meeting. It will be held Thursday, March 16th at 7pm at the Central Area Senior Center, in the solarium. The address for the CASC is 500 30th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144.

The meeting structure and agenda are as follows:

Meeting Purpose: Discuss with the community the ongoing developments regarding the Shulman Memorial in Leschi Park. This is the 2nd community meeting regarding the memorial.


· Shulman family vision for the memorial

· Seattle Parks approval process & steps taken thus far

· Possible locations for the structure

· Next steps in the process

Rules of Engagement: for each topic, the presenter will give a short update. After the update, the floor will be opened for questions, discussion and community input.

Good civil discussion is encouraged!

Please send questions to


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