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April 16th Shulman Memorial Walk-through

Meeting notes and questionnaire results from the walk-through of Leschi Park to discuss the Schulman Memorial (April 16th, 2023)

Overview: On April 16th, 2023, the community had a walk-through of Leschi Park to discuss potential locations and design concepts for the proposed Schulman Memorial. Despite rain, 23 folks attended (LCC members (17), Friends of Steve Schulman (4), and Olmstead Parks (2)). To capture community ideas, attendees were asked after the walk-through to fill out a questionnaire/straw ballot of their preferred options for 1) site location, 2) memorial concept, and 3) comments/concerns. Due to rain, questionnaires were filled out at home (rather than on-site) and emailed to the Leschi Council. 20 of 23 park walk attendees turned in questionnaires; another 5 responses were received from interested community members.

Notes from the Park Walk-Through:

The group toured potential park locations suitable for the Schulman Memorial: 1) Market location (area just south of Leschi Market). This location has a lower flat area adjacent to Lakeside Ave, and an upper hill-side that slopes east toward the lake.

2) Central Park area, Upslope (near the old fountain and circular walk way)

3) Central Park area, Downslope (closer to Lakeside Ave)

4) Waterfront (area east of Lakeside Ave, at north end of South Leschi boat moorage).

5) Tennis court and Swings areas During the walk, the themes of concern that were raised included:

  • That a covered structure would encourage homeless people to reside there (one person proposed explo