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Leschi Market Launches Wine Wednesday Virtual Tastings

Kudos to Leschi Market for a creative solution in the pandemic world!

Hello Neighbors and Friends! You may have seen the Leschi Market Facebook posts, or maybe even have already participated- we just want to continue to get the word out as we look to continue throughout the summer and into fall.

Due to the high demand and customer requests- Leschi Market proudly launched our Virtual Tasting Series in mid-May via Zoom! Our goal is to host a Zoom tasting every Wednesday from 5:05pm to 5:35pm and explore the world of wine. Wine pros from Leschi Market’s award-winning wine aisle are on hand to guide you through new wines, new varietals, and new regions in an educational setting that is professionally fun. We also look to include winemakers, importers, and other knowledgeable industry folks as featured guests in future episodes.

Every Monday we’ll announce lineups for the next two Wednesday meetings. Wines will be discounted from normal shelf price to encourage participation. Once you purchase the wines to taste, you’ll also receive the proper codes and passwords. Log on at the right time on Wednesday, grab a glass, and enjoy! (Spitting is optional).

Wednesday, May 20th, introduced the endeavor at hand. Learning about the origins of the Leschi Cellars project, a big toast to Steve Shulman, and we even discussed the very viable option of freezing leftover wine. Always something new to learn!

Wednesday, May 27th, we featured all new summer releases of Leschi Cellars. Participants were able to taste new Leschi Cellars wines just before they hit the shelves.

Stay tuned for upcoming lineup announcements and join us for one sometime- we are positive you’ll have a great time and maybe even learn a thing or two!

In closing- please know, Leschi Market is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for all customers. We are proactive with implementing policies and day to day operations to ensure this. We want to thank you all for the overwhelming support, kind words of encouragement to our staff, and overall understanding as we navigate these difficult times. Leschi Market will continue to be your one-stop-shop all summer long. Stay safe, stay strong and be well.

Kenneth Benner, a Seattle area native, is a trained chef and has worked in such restaurants as Barbacoa, B.O.K.A. Kitchen + Bar, and Dahlia Lounge. Ken is the wine buyer at Leschi Market. He has a passion for learning, a meticulous palate, and a tenacity for searching out the best for his customers while offering some of the most highly coveted wines in the area. His wine column is intended to inspire and explore new choices in wine, learn about wine with his readers, and share his knowledge and experiences in the wine world. Check out the latest at or request to be added to email updates or send questions, comments, or suggestions to and follow the wine department directly on twitter at

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