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President's Message

Leschi in a Time of Crisis

Greetings to all my Leschi Friends and Neighbors,

As I write this to you, I want to reach your hearts. This time of unprecedented upheaval is profound and has touched all of us globally. There is no distinction. It has reached all corners of life as we know it. Literally it has brought countries to their knees. The silver lining right now is that it has united people. Neighbors are reaching out to each other and helping. There is genuine concern and abundant kindness that sometimes gets left out in the general pace of life we live in this country.

As this edition of the newsletter goes to publication, we learned of Steve Shulman’s hospitalization and subsequent passing the evening of March 18, 2020. Steve’s family business, the Leschi Market, has been an anchor of the Leschi community for 72 years. Our hearts go out to Yousef, his family, and the entire Leschi Market family. Steve experienced a fall Friday, March 13th at his home and when X-raying him for spinal injuries, discovered spots on his lungs. Steve had underlying health issues but lost the Coronavirus battle. He had been in ICU at Harborview. Yes, this virus is real.”

I want to take this time to encourage you to maintain relationships within our community. The Leschi Market, BluWater, Meet The Moon, Daniel’s Broiler, Starbucks, Grocery Outlet - to name a few are making accommodations to do business within the confines of restrictions made to minimize the spread of this virus. Please continue to patronize to the very best of your ability, as we all work together to come out the other side of this massive change in our daily lives.

For the moment, our Leschi Community Council programs are in suspense. Please follow the CDC guidelines of limiting contact with groups, which at the moment is 10. Please follow us on Facebook or our website for updates. For other general communications NextDoor Leschi will have updated news releases as they come in.

In the meantime, please know that we at the LCC care about each of you. As we live in such an electronic age, we are fortunate to have the ability to communicate with each other. But as a thought, take this time to slow down, hand write a letter, pick up the telephone to inquire as to someone else’s well-being, write letters to servicemen and women, and even notes of encouragement to the healthcare, police, fire and first responders who are overwhelmed right now.

It is a time we reach out to each other. A loving heart, small gestures of kindness, and genuine caring are all free, but can touch people’s lives in ways you can never even imagine. Love wins out every time over fear.

My sincerest wishes for you to embrace the challenges of this time with courage, patience and a look to a brighter future. And don’t forget to wash your hands and follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC to minimize the impact in your lives.


Janice Merrill Brown

President, Leschi Community Council

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