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President’s Message

Hello fellow Leschi neighbors,

Well here we are moving quickly into the new year. Judging from all of the messages from the year end, 2019 was not the best for most people. I believe we are all excited about the opportunities 2020 will bring.

A note of caution that is making its way around, when signing checks, do not just put 1/24/20 but spell out the whole year: 1/24/2020. It would be too easy to change a date if you just use the two number abbreviation we all typically use (this is for people who still write checks).

This month’s program will feature the Crime Prevention Officer of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct, Joseph Elenbaas, who will be discussing various issues community members have been curious about and a synopsis of the types of activities seen by the East Precinct in our area. Questions have been submitted varying from who to call for Wellness Checks to how to restart the Neighborhood Watch program. If you have not submitted questions, please prepare and send to Diane Snell or me and we will present. Our next meeting is February 5th at 7:00p at the Central Area Senior Center, 500 30th Ave. S.

We will have to reschedule the presentation of the proposed mural for 31st and Jackson. Due to the snow, this was postponed.

A special thank you to Bart Evans who had patrons of BluWater contribute to the Giving Tree at Leschi Elementary. As you can see from the article in this publication, $7500 was raised and gifted to them. A tremendous boon to the sch