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Major Culinary Question

Continuing on the theme of Christmas Past, our restaurant reviewer wants to know: who is going to cook your goose?

Goose used to be a Christmas staple—celebrated in an old English rhyme:

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat

Please put a penny in the old man’s hat

If you haven’t got a penny, a ha’penny will do

If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you!

Sadly, its place at the table seems to have been taken by other birds. There’s no goose to be found on the menu at Daniel’s Broiler or Meet the Moon—the two likeliest options for Leschi. As a last resort, I asked Google where I could get roast goose. All the answers pointed me in the same direction: The International District.

So, if you’re looking for goose locally, it seems your goose is cooked—somewhere else.

~Malcolm Harker

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