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Executive Board Meeting minutes

December 9, 2019—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Menagh, John Barber and Diane Snell.

Janet: treasury report Janet sent report by email to each Board member.

Janice 1. Who’s at our table at CASC this Saturday? John & Kate Barber, Janice M. Brown, Tracy Bier, Jim & Diane Snell, Thurston Muskelly and Karen Daubert

2. Presentation of mural on Jan 15th. Artist has confirmed and does not need any equipment; will bring handouts.

3. Reiterate our 2020 plan, so we can do “save the date” stuff. January meeting: mural presentation; February: John Wilson, Tax assessor and March is Women’s history; the struggle for the right to vote 100-year Centennial.

Janice will set date for coffee with Randy & Buzz for Star awards.

John: Peppi’s Woods disaster: Parks went into this small area with big equipment to trim trees and much of the volunteer work was disrupted. Janice suggested a letter of regret to Parks. John said Liz Ohlsen would write the story for the newsletter. John said the incident is written up on their website: Friends of Peppi’s Woods.

Leschi Natural Area: the loyal volunteer force is aging. Fran and Bunny Wood have moved to an elder community in Oregon. Both Betsy Z. and Rich A. are experiencing some of the mobility issues of aging. A new volunteer force is needed with maybe just once a month cle