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Executive Board Meeting minutes

November 11, 2019—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Janet Oliver, John Barber, Tracy Bier, Diane Snell.

Janet: treasury report. Two increases in annual bills: the fee for using the plot of ground where the Brenton Memorial went up from $170 to $176. The cost of renting the postal box at Park Postal went up from $180 per year to $190.

Janice: Holiday Party update: she will be contacting the Friends of Garfield Orchestra tomorrow to engage a quartet and she will be buying the food for the event. Diane agreed to contact Yousef for wine and to obtain the state license for serving alcohol.

Janice will arrange a coffee date with Randy and Bud to present their Star awards as neither could attend the annual meeting.

January program: should we skip, as the 1st is on Wednesday. Diane said we usually don’t meet in January for that reason, but she thinks there is a need for a special meeting which she will discuss when it is her turn.

Diane is term-limited and cannot run again so we need to look for a person who would like to be secretary before the annual meeting in May.

Trevor: Suggested Tax assessor John Wilson for speaker at general meeting. Diane suggested February when we have no speaker and households will have rec’d that valuation card and may have questions. Agreement.

John and Diane: presented their proposal for the Flo Ware event. Due to the length of the meeting, it was not discussed but comments will be requested by email. Katie Busby has approved the draft. John said that Diane Morris was on the Senior Center Board but did not want to go to the meetings. John Barber is willing to take her place, but we don’t know the process. Diane will draft a letter for Janice to sign broaching the subject.

John and Mark (neighbor) have been battling a big stand of blackberries at the Dearborn street end. It is on a slope and there is not enough room for more than two workers at a time, so he has not put out the word for more volunteers; they are slowly making progress. Both the Leschi Natural Area and Frink Park are getting more plants and will need volunteer help to plant them.

Tracy: There is an uptick in car prowls, and they are not being reported; this is data which the police dept. needs. She would like to have another meeting on Crime Prevention with our community resource person, Joseph Elenbaas. April is an open meeting month. Janice asked about a follow-up on emergency preparedness; June is the next open meeting as May is the annual meeting for elections and Star awards.

Diane: She and Tracy have concerns about the proposal for a mural at Jackson and 31st on the big curved retaining wall. Few people know about this in the community and they think that we need to have a public meeting. January is proposed. Janice will contact Dian Ferguson about a good date for that meeting and Diane S will contact th