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Leschi Neighbors' Favorite Eateries

Holiday Wine

There is no wine column this month due to family illness. The December column helps us find gifts of wine for both a hostess gift and a seasonal gift. Leschi Market’s knowledgeable staff is well positioned to help you find that perfect gift so don’t despair!

We will focus on FOOD this month. A busy holiday season often means less time for cooking and more eating out; fortunately, we have a plethora of reviews and recommendations for you to choose from.


In the Arboretum Court, Arosa, The Waffle Café features delicious small waffles which can stand on their own or be topped with delicious specialty syrups. I had the pumpkin spice topping in honor of the fall, but there will be a seasonal topping for the Christmas Season and there are lots of other choices.

The waffles are unique, rich in content with eggs and vanilla as well as pearl sugar that gives it a special flavor and texture, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. It is an old family recipe and makes a full breakfast with a cup of coffee.

But in case you want more protein they also serve breakfast sandwiches, delicious panini-like mozzarella artichoke or grilled eggplant for example. At lunchtime, on another day, I had a fabulous homemade soup Coconut Curry and another day Roasted Corn Tortilla Soup, an entire meal in itself. Another of their specialties is their signature mocha latte.

Cesar and Adriana Santangelo are originally from Venezuela but have been in Seattle for seventeen years. Arosa realizes their dream from when they lived in Venezuela. The café is very much a family scene. Until recently, their baby Luciana was there every day, but now she is old enough for day care. They also have a 7-year-old boy, Alexandro. An entire wall is filled with wonderful photographs of family and friends.

Don’t miss the delicious food as well as the delightful atmosphere.


3121 E Madison St Ste 101

M–F, 6:30am–3pm; Sat 7:30am–3pm

~Diane Snell

Simply Soulful

I also want to briefly mention another family-run restaurant in Madison Valley, Simply Soulful. It features wonderful soul food with breakfast served all day. I had dinner there with friends. My Catfish Dinner Special (with a great $6.95 price for seniors and children) featured two pieces of delicious breaded fish cooked to order, and two sides, along with the exceptional corn muffins. I had collard greens, my favorite when cooked “soul” style, and my friends had candied yams and mac and cheese. All delicious.

Simply Soulful

2915B E Madison St.

Tue–Fri, 9am–8pm; Sat 9am–7pm; Sun 10am–5pm

~Susan Platt

From Karen Daubert

I was on a mission this fall to visit a couple neighborhood restaurants representing various cultures and have this to report:

Café Selam on Cherry and 24th is a small Ethiopian restaurant where I enjoyed the traditional meat platter but would return to try the vegetarian.

Lan Hue Bakery at the Pacific Rim shopping center on Jackson and 9th is a Vietnamese take out that makes excellent (maybe best in the city) Bahn mi sandwiches. I enjoyed half the first day and half the second with great results.

Harbor City at 707 S King St. next to the Wing Luke Museum is known for its Dim Sum and specializes in barbecue chicken and pork.

~Karen Daubert

And from the Snell family

Too busy to make cookies? Go to Lowrider Baking Co. at 2407 Union; opens at 11am (closed Mon & Tues). These cookies are buttery and sweet the way a self-respecting cookie should be. Family favorites: the Salted Pecan and the Lemon Cranberry.

And they are not tiny bakery cookies; they are the size Grandma always made… good for sharing!

~Diane Snell

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