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From Fashion to Tagalog Theater

Part I: WaNaWari’s Ongoing Success

WaNaWari held a dynamic and entertaining fashion show on Sunday Sept 1 in their back yard. The original designs by Malcolm Procter of Wolf Delux were strutted for more than 45 minutes by children, youth, and elders, skinny, mature, buff and not so buff. The audience was as fashionable as the models.

They had all clearly been instructed on how to model clothes and took great attitudes, but we all enjoyed the children the most. A warm feeling permeated the whole event fulfilled the WaNaWari promise as a center for Afro Centered culture and life as a counter to the gentrification of the Central District.

The exhibition filling the rooms in August featured Henry Jackson-Spieker’s “Points of View,”[reviewed by Lisa Edge in Real Change August 21–27], Natassja Swift “Remembering Her Homecoming,” [reviewed by Jasmyn Keimig in The Stranger August 28], along with Xenobia Bailey “Vibration and Frequency Experiment,” Marita Dingus “Selected Works” and Martine Syms “Some What?”