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The View From the Senior Center

Seafair and the Blue Angels at the Central Area Senior Center couldn’t get much better!

Nothing beats the Annual Seafair Patio Party as the best way to experience the annual event. Seated there on the Central Area Senior Center’s massive east-facing deck, enjoying the sights and sounds before the Blue Angels action begins—not sure it gets any better!

First, the absolutely stunning view, with a wide span of Lake Washington, including Floating Bridge, Mt Rainier to the south, and across the water, there are the Cascade Mountains!

Face and body painting for the young and young at heart. Below: Bob and Gwen Rench with friend Charles Willi. Photos this article courtesy Joan Ervin.

Starting off, it’s fascinating to watch an army of visitor boats of all shapes and sizes arriving from the north to secure a spot. From the CASC deck, here come the hydroplanes whipping through the water. As the Blue Angels stream overhead in endless varied patterns, one dines on awesome barbecue dishes from Ezell’s while watching for the next dramatic move by the Blue Angels. Also, it’s hard not to be-bop to live rhythm and blues from the Triple Treat band inside the Center. Youngsters enjoy their own space, with a view of the wat