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Once Again, Library TV Freebies

My article in last month’s Leschi News can bear some tweaking. To retrieve your copy, go to Several years of the Leschi News can be found there. Or, the article can be found by entering “archive” in the search box at the bottom of the first page of the Leschi Community Council website. It is on page 8 of the May issue.

Due either to some updates in the Library’s web pages or my inattention, my earlier guide for finding the Library’s movie and TV streaming instructions should be simplified and expanded a bit.

On your computer or laptop, you can Google “SPL” for the Library’s web page, click the “Books & Media” tab at the top left and choose the “Movies & TV” selection on the drop-down list. Cranking down a bit, you will find the Access Video, Hoopla and Kanopy streaming services. Access Video includes a large library of documentary and art films, HBO and A&E features and interesting independent productions from around the world. Clicking on each service provides full instructions for using them. Each service provides a “help” button. To the right of the list of services is more detailed information for each on the use of computers, phones and tablets with the varying operating systems. Included here is a great deal of detailed instruction for mirroring the video stream from digital devices onto your TV screen.

Since my last article, I have learned that Hoopla, like Kanopy, can be entered (also with a one-time code entry) as a regular Roku channel. This process, I believe, can also be applied for the Fire TV and Apple TV wireless streaming services. These services, however, like Roku, require a subscription fee and include necessary wireless boxes or “sticks” that can be expensive.