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Emergency Preparedness #2

Last month we printed the directions for using water from your hot water heater in case of emergency. We are sure you all clipped those instructions out and taped them to your hot water heater. Good start!

Now, Step 2: lie on each bed in your house and look up and around you. What could fall on you during an earthquake? Is there a book shelf that needs to be fastened to the wall? And how about the books themselves? Are they paperbacks or heavy textbooks from the long dead college days? Be sure to remove anything heavy that might injure you during shaking. Pictures should be secured to the wall to avoid broken glass if you have to flee quickly.

We have started with the easiest things for you to do but we will proceed each month.

If you missed the water heater directions, go to our newsletter archives at Select April 2019 and page through to page 5.

~Diane Snell

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