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Restricted Fund: Wading Pool

This is one of those feel-good stories that was a complete surprise.

A former treasurer had set up a PayPal account to collect the incoming donations and we were told there was some money left in that account and it likely belonged to the Officer Brenton fund. It took some time to actually get the funds as PayPal would only deal with the person who had set up the fund, but eventually the funds were turned over to the LCC treasury and the big surprise was that it turned out to be donations for the wading pools at Peppi’s Park and Powell Barnett Park.

As Parks has made an effort to open the wading pools on some days each summer, we have not yet found a use for these funds. The account is not enough to really buy more days of open pools and the summer food program has donated lunches so we will wait for some creative idea to come to us from the community!

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