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Executive Board Meeting minutes

March 11, 2019—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor, Janet Oliver and Diane Snell.

Treasury report

Janet presented the treasury report through February and pointed out the $1300 grant to the ArtWalk.

April program Janice asked for details on the April program, which unfortunately we do not have yet. Balance of year’s programs: May is the annual meeting with recognition of Leschi Stars and we had proposed a history of Leschi Park. Diane to check with John Barber on the feasibility of this. Rebecca Saldana has been invited for June.

Tracy was not present to recap the plan for the March program.

Publicity for wine tasting event

Details sent to Madison Park Times and Madrona News and flyers at the check stands in Grocery Outlet. It will be put on Facebook and is on the LCC website. Janice will post it on NextDoor Leschi.

Leschi Stars

How many do we have for Stars this year? We have received one nomination so far. Discussion of other deserving residents.

Website Janice to follow up with an email about a Website enhancer. Offer probably assumes we sell something.

Diane Programs

April: Eva’s neighbor: technological opportunities for security; that’s all we know at this point.

Flo Ware event

Trevor was asked to check with Katie Busby and submit the application for the park use once there is a date.

Newsletter deadline March 18.

Diane to check with John about an article on the SNC program last Saturday. Janet to ask Mike about an article on their trek in Patagonia.

Support for CASC

All Board members should write a letter of support for CASC.

Succession for positions

Diane asked members to look at succession for positions of secretary (term-limits preclude Diane from running again) and newsletter editor, should health issues intervene.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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