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Climate Change: Artists Getting on Board

I have been reading a book called Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life, A Tar Sands Tale, by Matt Hern and Am Johal, with wonderful illustrations by Joe Sacco. Here is how they see where we are:

“Our performances of recycling and climate-justice marching are matched by our relentless fossil-fuel consumption. We’re self-aware carbon pigs, climate villains, and walking biohazards, bifurcated into self-disciplining, self- renouncing selves, one part constantly monitoring and castigating the other.”

I am part of a Facebook group called Zero Waste, which is a perfect example of that. We are looking for micro solutions to plastic and trash, as we drive, fly and relentlessly consume.

The Youth Climate Strike, and the Green New Deal, tell us what is necessary to save the planet: nothing less than drastic suspension of our current habits and re- thinking everything we do, as well as powerful political pressure on our somnolent politicians.