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February Newsletter Delayed

We apologize for the late delivery of the February issue. Two issues out of our control disrupted the usual flow.

First, our talented layout artist, Kirsten Hopperstad, had unavoidable family obligations, and we urged her to take care of herself and family first. The newsletter was ready on February 1 and after the labeling and sorting by zip code, it was delivered to the bulk mail center on February 2.

The second issue was the snow interference. We had no mail delivery on Monday the February 4 and one other day that week. Our paper arrived on Thursday, February 7, too late for the Frink Work party. In addition to these woes, we needed to cancel the wine tasting party due to the weather. Although we rescheduled for March 22 and with great optimism renamed the event as the SPRING Wine Tasting Party, we did lose our scheduled jazz band, The Rio Thing. However, we are happy to report that a jazz trio from Garfield’s renowned jazz band will provide the music!

We hope to see you there to support the Senior Center with your admission price and sip good wines, nibble on appetizers and groove to good jazz!

~Diane Snell

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