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Letter to the Editor

I am probably one of a very few Leschi residents who can also speak for waterfront-ish property owners on the other side of town. I own a studio condominium just off First, which has been rented out for 30+ years.

LIDs have generally been formed by property owners who wish to pool resources to address a common problem. In the waterfront (West Edge) community, without using the LID format, property owners have organized and contributed to address garbage and security issues while helping tourists.

This so-called LID was imposed from above. It was assumed as part of the funding package early on, without any opportunity for comment from us minions. Many property owners do not believe that this project will increase their property values anywhere near what is being proposed in the LID. We have a right to our opinions and to demand proof. This is a misuse of the LID concept. Of course, the County will be able to raise our assessments in the future, if property sales bear out their projections of increased property values.

~Dennis Tully

Editor’s note: It appears that the city did not accomplish the due diligence on the LID issue as they are supposed to do before they bring the issue to the City Council. We assumed that had been done. The Mayor has now decided that the needed funds will come from parking taxes downtown so the park issue that we were concerned about has been resolved.

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