Goodbye Viaduct!

“We knew it was dangerous and it had to come down but still it has been a Seattle icon.” These were the words of Jason Snell explaining why he took a last drive on the Viaduct heading north on the evening of January 11, which was supposed to be the last day for the controversial structure. Jason ended up at Myrtle Edwards Park with a boisterous crowd celebrating with fireworks and cheers for the brave few who continued to flow across the high-rise corridor. Jason did not mention the presence of bare-breasted women who were celebrating in their own special way. A loud roar went up for the barricade truck that lost one of its barricades on the westernmost lane forcing traffic to swerve around it. Farewell, viaduct! Diane Morris said in the “olden” days, it was referred to as Seattle’s Great Wall of China.

~Diane Snell



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