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The Giving Garland at Leschi School

For the past nine years, the Giving Garland, a holiday charitable program at Leschi Elementary School, has served families in need of help during the holidays. On behalf of the families who received help, we extend a tremendous thank you to everyone who gave so generously and willingly!

This year we helped 41 families with 141 children celebrate the holidays with toys, bikes, books, games, clothing, bedding, diapers, groceries and more. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our school and greater neighborhood communities, we were able to distribute over $10,000 in gift cards, $4,100 of which were for groceries to Safeway and Grocery Outlet, and approximately 700 gifts! Wow! Thank you!

Your generosity made a huge difference in so many lives.

“This is my family’s first time on the Giving Garland. I am humbled by the kindness we are receiving. So Blessed and thankful!”

“I cannot believe this is all for my family. Thank you so much! We appreciate you and all of the givers more than I can ever express. God bless you.”

A special thank you for making it all come together goes out to Jennifer Marquardt, Katie Busby, Charles Burdell (and the Broadmoor Community), the Leschi Community Council, Julie Smith, Robyn Hagle, Jeni & Kris Owens, Jo Usher, Lisa Mihn, Mr. & Mrs. Donaldson, Ms. Irma Nickels and Ms. Stout.

~Benson Funk Wilder

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