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President’s Message

Greetings to all,

Fall is here in full swing. With some of the natural weather events in the U.S. this year, we have been treated well by Mother Nature. I was in Texas last week on business. The day I arrived it was 94 degrees and humid. The next day it was 42 and freezing. Apparently, the system is called a Blue Northern. Meanwhile back in Seattle, you had exceptional fall days filled with sunshine.

Looking ahead to December, we will have our annual Holiday Party in lieu of a program. Great libations, appetizers and desserts will be served. Save the date of December 5, and come mingle with your neighbors, meet new friends and indulge in a cookie or two.

We have some exciting and timely programs planned for 2019. I encourage you to reach out to us with programs that interest you. The LCC Board tries to cover a cross section of topics that could be of interest to our little community, but we are always open to ideas and participation.

A speaker at my conference last week caught my attention. We, as a society, seem to constantly say something like, “Hi, how are you?” The response we give or get is usually, “Fine.” Or perhaps this simple question leads to a long exchange that might not have been expected. The conference speaker suggested to ask instead, “Tell me something good.” I tried a version of this today with someone I didn’t know in an elevator. I said to her, “Tell me what happened good for you today.” Well, her face lit up as she told me she had completed a project and felt really good about it. We parted, feeling uplifted and connected.

So, my fellow Leschi Village dwellers, “Tell me something good.”

Warm regards,

Janice Merrill Brown LCC President, 206-679-4004

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