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Humble Pie

We were driving down Rainier from Jackson to Dearborn and passed the distinctive smokestack that identifies Humble Pie on the right...where is their sign? We expressed some concern about their continued existence when new construction was springing up in that area and decided we needed to have lunch there and write about it.

Humble Pie is unlike other pizzerias one has visited; the first thing you see as you approach the building is a large chicken coop with some happy looking hens strutting around. (Unhappy caged chickens have that look in their eye which makes you back off!) On the street side of the approach is a raised bed with healthy looking herbs. There is an outside area for eating and a ramp as well as stairs making access easy for those who might use a cane or walker or even a wheelchair.

The menu is posted inside and there is an order window. As one of us is a veggie and the other a carnivore, we asked about splitting a pizza. We were told that if our two choices had the same base (tomato sauce or white sauce), it could be done. To allow my spouse to go for a sausage (Uli’s sausage), I opted for the Field Roast sausage. I am not one of those veggies who needs a meat substitute, and would have chosen the roasted garlic, Gorgonzola and mushrooms instead. But the Field Roast was nicely spicy as were Mama Lil’s Peppers. The crust is thin for those who prefer a thin crust and I would say that this is a healthier pizza with less cheese than most and more toppings. Beverages are beer, cider and wine as well as Mexican Coke (real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup) and San Pellegrino sodas. I had a Spire cider, which was very good, and I was surprised it had some alcoholic content (no buzz).

Prices range from $15 for the Margherita to $20 for the meat selections and our split pizza. There is the choice of a salad as well. A young man brought in a huge bowl of fresh basil while we were sitting there, most impressive! I had visions of a winter’s worth of pesto!

Oh! The distinctive smokestack? They have a wood-fired pizza oven! And they use Beecher’s flagship cheeses on some of their pizzas, particularly an intriguing one with apple, spiced walnuts and cheese.

Humble pie

Hours: Tuesday–Friday 11am–9pm, Sat & Sun 12–9pm

525 S Rainier Ave. S (corner of Weller), 206-329-5133

~Diane Snell

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