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Wood Shop BBQ

We have a cleaning service every two weeks and while this is a wonderful thing to have, it does mean we have to gather the dog and flee. Dogs and vacuum cleaners were not designed to be bosom buddies. We usually go to the dog park on Genesee, but sometimes they come early and we need to find a lunch place. Wood Shop BBQ on Jackson worked for us as their large patio allows dogs and we were allowed to take her on a leash quickly through the bar area to the patio with its many picnic tables, its smoker where the food is smoked to perfection and its safety for small children and dogs as it is completely enclosed. Even on a hot summer day, it was delightful as the patio is covered. We did not hear traffic noise as the Blue Angels were practicing overhead and every other noise seemed insignificant. We understand that the patio is heated in colder weather!

When you first enter, you see a very extensive bar area and spouse found a good beer. I stuck with iced tea. He wanted to order the pulled pork, their most ordered sandwich, but they were fresh out! He settled for brisket instead and liked it. For a veggie, there is one sandwich option: the Portobello sandwich. All sandwiches are served on a brioche bun and while these buns are delicious, mine had a difficult time containing the entire Portobello mushroom. At one point, half of the mushroom cap sailed out and landed in the gravel. Fortunately, there was another part of the mushroom underneath so I finished the sandwich without a further catastrophe. Sandwiches are served with coleslaw, pickle and red onions. My sandwich was $8, but the brisket sandwich is not on their website menu, so can’t tell you that one!

Despite the overhead noise, it was a pleasant spot for lunch, but could have been torture for the dog with all those smells. Fortunately, her vocabulary, while extensive, does not extend to “Hey guys, this is driving me crazy!”

Wood Shop BBQ

2513 S Jackson St. 206-485-7381

Hours: Monday through Sunday, 9am–9pm

~Diane Snell

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