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Heyday Seattle

This hamburger “joint” is a cut above the usual cubbyhole with burgers and fries. It is on the top of Mt. Baker ridge and is a spacious, modern dining space with welcome air conditioning during our sweltering summer.

The menu is extensive with many types of burgers from a Bison burger to a veggie BEET burger. We three tried the Bacon Bleu (12.50), the Codwich (12) and the Lamb Burger (14). The rolls are the delicious Brioche rolls that struggle to contain the generous fillings, as at Wood House BBQ. At least my large piece of cod did not fly out of the bun and land on another unsuspecting diner. It was messy, but stayed with me. All the burgers were very good, but both of my companions had the same complaint: bigger buns or smaller portions!

We tried sides of coleslaw and French fries; neither dish was remarkable. I keep searching for a coleslaw that I must had in the distant past but can’t remember where. The closest so far has been at Standard Brewing. The best fries I have ever had were at a Belgian brewpub in London. I have read that the best fries are soaked in water to remove starch (not sure about this) and then dried and fried in oil. I think the recipe also called for peanut oil that can reach higher temperatures without smoking, but don’t quote me; it all looked like something I would never try at home.