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Executive Board Meeting minutes

March 12.2018—Attending: Trevor Lalish-Menagh, Janet Oliver and Diane Snell (not a quorum)


Janet will publish the February report in the next newsletter. (It will always be behind as the deadline for the newspaper comes before the end of the month.)

April Program

Tracy and Trevor had worked on a flyer to publicize the program. Diane will send an article to the Madrona News. Tracy will post on NextDoor Leschi. Tracy is getting refreshments for the event.


No Parks news in John’s absence.

Next Board meeting

It will be held at the Senior Center until May when Dian F. is on vacation and building will not be open.

Meeting adjourned early

Post Meeting Business

The Board approved by email sending a check for $300 to Leschi Elementary School for their annual Give fund drive. Vote was unanimous.

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