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Restricted Funds

King St. fund refers to the King St. street end and the funds are leftover from a grant several years ago. John Barber is the chair and tells us that SDOT does not pay for gravel and there is a need to redo one of the gravel paths as it is starting to puddle in one area. There are also plans to purchase some flowers for this street end. John reported that there had been some vandalism in this area: cutting down of rose bushes.

Gateway project: this refers to an area where the next work party will be held where Huron meets Lake Washington Blvd. There has been an ongoing struggle to keep native plants safe here as Parks has sent in mowers who tend to mow down everything in sight: shrubs, flowers, etc. The design for this area was developed at the UW and donations were made by residents to implement the plan. Sadly, the volunteers and Parks seem to be working at cross purposes. John Barber is hoping to laminate some signs to protect the area.

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