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Executive Board Meeting minutes

February 2, 2018—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Lalish-Menagh, Diane Snell, Tracy Bier, John Barber.

Treasury report will be in March newsletter.

Three items had been referred to the Ex Board from the general meeting the week before.

1. Support for mural project at 31st & Jackson. There were some voices of support but also some concern expressed that we would have to sign on to a design that wasn’t our choice.

Decision made to request that final deciders on a plan be a committee consisting of two representatives from Leschi and two from Mt. Baker. These representatives should be residents of their respective communities and have some kind of art background. Secretary will draft a letter to the mural project committee to request this caveat. Trevor can take it to the next CANDC meeting.

2. There is controversy over a part of Frink Park which is being planted by a volunteer and is making changes to an open spot that neighbors enjoy for gatherings. Decision was to have John Barber contact the Parks person in charge of this area to work out a compromise between the two factions.

3. Sally Wagner brought up the fact that Leschi Park is being used more and more and is being tended less and less and is showing the wear and tear. Diane Morris suggested a community wide cleanup. Lawrence Pitre suggested a larger, district wide community wide effort. Janice will speak to her group at work that takes on community projects to see if they would host a work party on the second Thursday in May. John Barber will coordinate with the Parks representative to see if tools could be borrowed and specific tasks outlined. The District wide aspect could be addressed by each neighborhood choosing a project for May and we could feature all projects in the newsletter.

In addition to these specific concerns, Bill Caldwell said he was willing to investigate what funds Parks gets and how they are allocated. Diane Ramsey Gayton offered to help.