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Executive Board meeting minutes

January 8, 2018—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Menagh, Diane Snell, Tracy Bier, John Barber

Treasury: Treasury report will be in newsletter. Larger expenses: SDOT $140; annual Bulk Mail Permit: $225 (We will be reimbursed half from Madrona CC)

Old Business

LOGO: Janice asked to move this item ahead as she has not had time to work on it.

Racism Program: Janice is meeting with one of the coordinators in mid-January.

Bank Account signatures: B of A told Janice that everyone needs to come in at once, including past officers.

Elections: Trevor is running for Co-secretary of CANDC with Jon Stewart. Election is in February.

New Business

Programs for rest of year: Much discussion and many good ideas. Trevor will contact the Mt. Baker mural folks about a February 7 program. Tracy will contact Sandi Doughton about March; Tracy feels we need a series of programs to deal with emergency planning. Madison Park does a good job on this topic. List developed to capture all the ideas.