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Executive Board meeting minutes

January 8, 2018—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Menagh, Diane Snell, Tracy Bier, John Barber

Treasury: Treasury report will be in newsletter. Larger expenses: SDOT $140; annual Bulk Mail Permit: $225 (We will be reimbursed half from Madrona CC)

Old Business

LOGO: Janice asked to move this item ahead as she has not had time to work on it.

Racism Program: Janice is meeting with one of the coordinators in mid-January.

Bank Account signatures: B of A told Janice that everyone needs to come in at once, including past officers.

Elections: Trevor is running for Co-secretary of CANDC with Jon Stewart. Election is in February.

New Business

Programs for rest of year: Much discussion and many good ideas. Trevor will contact the Mt. Baker mural folks about a February 7 program. Tracy will contact Sandi Doughton about March; Tracy feels we need a series of programs to deal with emergency planning. Madison Park does a good job on this topic. List developed to capture all the ideas.

John Barber: The King St. Street End was designed to be accessible, but former landowner put a large piece of concrete in the path. This needs to be removed. New homeowner seems more agreeable. King St is actually accessible as well. The marina contract is in effect and some work is going forward.

Tracy: no luck getting Felicia Cross to write column for The Leschi News.

Diane: February deadline: January 22

Deadlines: Diane explained how the deadline is figured and it relates to our meeting date. One works backward from there to figure when papers need to be at the Bulk Mail Center, backwards to determine when copy goes to printer and backwards to set a deadline. If we want to publicize something beyond Leschi, Madrona has an earlier deadline by about 10 days.

ArtWalk news: Committee member Cara Ros wrote an application for a grant and we got it! Two year grant. First year $1300.

CASC rent resolved: we have an invoice for all of 2017 and will be billed quarterly for this year.

Next Board Meeting: Feb 12 at 7pm. Technology room at Senior Center.

Treasury Report

Restricted Fund: Frink Park is the largest of our neighborhood parks and we are extremely fortunate to have two dedicated stewards volunteering their time and energy to keep the invasive plants under control and to substitute native plants. (At some time in the distant past, volunteers actually planted the invasive ivy that we all fight against in an uphill battle!) These neighborhood “angels” are Darrell Howe and Darcy Thompson. Darrell won a grant from King County Conservation of $45,000 to restore wetlands in the park. This job required professional help and we are now at the end of the grant having hired outside groups to do the work. Darrell managed the grant himself and all the LCC Treasurer had to do was write checks as the money flowed in and then out again. A sweet deal for Frink Park and our Board!

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