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Spice up Lunchtime with a Grown Up Story Hour

As you may know, the public library plays an invaluable role in our city. Not only is it a tremendous source of information, but it also offers numerous programs to address the wide variety of needs of Seattleites from all walks of life. From offering tutoring for elementary students and counseling programs for teens to resources for the homeless, the Seattle Public Library system is both an educational and social asset to the city. In addition to its more serious contributions, the library also has a lighter side and offers a respite to the daily grind in the form of its adult story time program called Thrilling Tales: A Storytime for Adults.

Taking place two Mondays a month Thrilling Tales is a 50 minute long dramatic reading of 2-3 short stories from the world of horror, suspense, sci-fi and/or speculative fiction. The event takes place at the Central Library location (1000 4th Ave.) from 12:05-12:55pm and attendees are encouraged to bring their lunches and imaginations.

David Wright, Seattle Public Library’s Reader Services Librarian, is the storyteller and he is, simply put, amazing. You will not find a better performer on any stage in the city. Wright brings even the weirdest of fiction to life with nothing more than his voice. The first time I attended a reading, all I could think of was how I needed to rush back to work after this, what I had to do afterwards, was my lunch making too much noise, so on and so on. By the time it was done I was so fully immersed I literally had to shake my head and come to, as if I had drifted off. But I had not—instead I had become so engrossed with Wright’s story telling that time just slipped away. It was practically a meditative experience.

It truly does not matter what Wright reads, if you are able to carve an hour out of your day and make it to the Central library for Thrilling Tales, it will be well worth the time and effort.

Thrilling Tales: A Storytime for Adults will continue until February, please go to to check the Seattle Public Library’s calendar of events for a full schedule.

~Staci Smith

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