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Metro Studying Changes to Routes 3 and 4

Our friends at King County Metro are conducting a study to improve reliability of the #3 and #4 bus routes that serve our community in Leschi. The proposal is to have both bus routes head down Yesler Way between 3rd Ave and 8th Ave instead of heading up James St from 3rd Ave to 9th Ave.

The main reason to change the route is to improve speed and reliability, since there is often congestion along the James St I-5 on-ramps. The new route would avoid the on-ramps all together. There is a downside, though, in that the 3 and 4 routes would no longer stop by City Hall, King County Administration or the Seattle Municipal Court, which could be a concern for people with difficulty getting up the steep hills between Yesler Way and James St.

The next step is in the summer of 2018, where the county will publish the results of a study to determine whether to hold another round of public outreach sessions. Go to for more info. If you have a comment about the proposed changes reach out to Tristan Cook, Community Relations Planner by email at or by phone at 206-477-3842.

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